John S. Bailey

President and CEO

Bailey Corp.

Little Rock

John S. Bailey

The Children's Museum of Arkansas is John Bailey's pride and joy since he returned home to Little Rock in 1991. His wife, Patti, played a big role in putting together the museum, which opened in November 1993.

They both work at Bailey Corp., the diversified real estate firm established by his parents, Virginia and Dr. H.A.T. Bailey.

"I've had some great examples to follow." said Bailey, who is corporate president and chief executive officer.

Before returning to lead Bailey Corp., Bailey employed his finance and banking degree from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in an 11-year investment career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

There Bailey was attracted to the fast-paced world of trading Euro dollar futures and monitoring interest rate fluctuations.

The 37-year-old businessman was named a director at First Commercial Bank in Little Rock in March 1994. Bailey is active in the Little Rock Boy's Club where he has served as a director for two years.

He and his wife have four children.