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Julia Vindasius

Executive Director

Good Faith Fund

Pine Bluff

Julia Vindasius

Julia Vindasius is a woman on the move. Literally and figuratively.

As of Sept. 1 she's on leave from running the Good Faith Fund in Pine Bluff so she can spend a year as a White House Fellow in the nation's capital.

The fellowships, started in the mid-'60s under the Johnson administration, are intended to expose young but experienced professionals to the workings of government.

"It's been a pretty grueling interview process," Vindasius said. "And just being selected as a regional and then a national finalist was an honor. Throughout the process you meet your competitors and you have to wonder how the judges will ever choose."

Vindasius, 33, co-founded the Good Faith Fund, the first peer-group lending program in the United States. Its central purpose is to raise the income levels and entrepreneurial skills of low-income residents in rural communities and broaden the profile of would-be entrepreneurs to include women, minorities and other dislocated workers.

The community-based anti-poverty program is modeled on the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.