Michael R. Hutchinson

Public Relations Director

City of Little Rock

Little Rock

Michael R. Hutchinson

For Michael Hutchinson, one of the best things about his job is the variety.

"Every day is different here at City Hall - especially in the public relations department," he said.

Hutchinson's day could include writing speeches, compiling brochures and pamphlets, putting together the city calendar and representing the mayor at various functions.

"It goes without saying that to do this job you need strong people skills," Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson also thinks it's important to do the small things as well as the more high-profile jobs.

"People frequently call us to ask for information." Hutchinson said. "Once a lady phoned to ask where a certain gas station was located. She had a credit card and they had moved.

"I just told her to look on the back of the card for the 800 number, and the problem was solved."

Hutchinson, 33, began working for the city as a volunteer and subsequently was appointed assistant to then-Mayor Lottie Shackelford in 1987. He has been public relations director since 1992.