Mimi San Pedro

Senior Vice President/Director of Corporate Account Services

Stone & Ward

Little Rock

Mimi San Pedro

It was an accident that Mimi San Pedro is even in the advertising business.

San Pedro graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in computer science and was planning to go to law school when a friend, the wife of Steve Holcomb - president of Mangan/Holcomb & Partners - said San Pedro had "the personality to do well in advertising."

San Pedro admits to having "no skills in art, and I didn't think I could write copy. But I can sell, and I have good organizational skills."

So she went to work at Mangan/Holcomb as traffic director and later to the Brooks-Pollard agency as a junior account executive on the Worthen Bank account.

When Worthen jumped to what was then Resnick Stone & Ward, San Pedro jumped, too, as the account executive. She's been climbing the corporate ladder ever since.

"I've been working hard," San Pedro said. "But I like being given both opportunities and challenges."

A fan of the fine arts, San Pedro calls her work with the Arkansas Repertory Theatre and Arkansas Symphony Orchestra "my pride and joy."