Price C. Gardner


Friday, Eldredge & Clark

Little Rock

Price C. Gardner

Price Gardner gets bored easily. So it's a good thing he's in the line of work he's in.

"Every day there's a challenge to meet in this business," Gardner says. "There's a lot of variety in the work, and in my view diversity is what keeps you sharp."

Gardner, 32, has been at Friday Eldredge & Clark's tax department since graduating from tax school. Having joined as an associate, he was made a partner in January.

Gardner is wary of taking a "template" approach to handling clients' affairs.

"It's important to try to adapt to what the client needs," he says. "When someone says to me, 'You helped us get the job done when we needed you,' I feel I've accomplished something."

One of Gardner's most memorable successes was working with the Chamber of Commerce to help bring R&G Sloane Manufacturing Co. to Little Rock.

"Sloane was looking to relocate, so I traveled to California to talk with them about this area," he says. "Ultimately, not only did they move to Little Rock, but they hired us as their law firm."