Randy Moss

Director of Operations

Oaklawn Park

Hot Springs

Randy Moss

Many racing fans probably thought Randy Moss was born to handicap the horses - and in many ways, he was. He was a child prodigy picking winners in junior high, and he plied his trade very successfully with newspapers in Little Rock and Dallas.

But all along he had other plans. Those became realized last July when Oaklawn named Moss, 36, director of operations.

"Ever since I was in the newspaper business, I had mentioned to people that I wanted to be in management at a racetrack," he says. "But I really never thought it would happen."

Moss was happy enough writing and handicapping that starting in management at an entry-level position wasn't appealing. But Oaklawn had something better and it already knew Moss well, and vice versa.

Though he no longer professionally handicaps, he still dabbles personally just to stay fresh, and he'll offer an opinion if fans ask. "Everybody's got an opinion," he says, laughing.

But Moss has plenty to do now, overseeing the racing office (which puts together races each day), recruiting horses, backstretch and grandstand maintenance, security and media relations.