Ron McFarland


Process 1500/Faxmatic Services

Little Rock

Ron McFarland

Ron McFarland has his eye on the future.

After working for several years as an operations manager for IBM, he decided to start his own business about three years ago.

"I caught the entrepreneur bug and caught it bad." McFarland, 36, says with a laugh.

Process 1500, the company he founded, specializes in data entry and processing. But with recent dramatic developments in computer technology, McFarland feels that this field will be shrinking significantly in the near future.

"That's why we've started a new division, Faxmatic Services," explains McFarland.

Faxmatic Services caters to the growing demand for automated fax services accessible with a touchtone telephone.

"Say it's Saturday morning and you have a sudden urge to take a trip to Eureka Springs," McFarland says. Even though the local tourist office is closed, with this service you can dial its automated fax line and have a map and calendar of events faxed to you."

McFarland's company is the only one in the state providing this service.