Scott Ford

Assistant to the Chairman

Stephens Group Inc.

Little Rock

Scott Ford

Although Scott Ford grew up in Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, he began his professional career in London.

After getting his degree in finance and banking, he did post-graduate work at Oxford University. While there, Ford, 33, worked for Merrill Lynch Inc. in London.

He soon transferred to Merrill Lynch in New York, working in mergers and acquisitions. His experience there allowed him to return to Arkansas, working in corporate finance at Stephens Inc.

"I worked on a project for [Jack] Stephens, then another and another," says Ford, son of Alltel Corp. Chairman Joe Ford. "One Thursday, he said, 'There's an empty office across from mine. Why don't you move into it this weekend?'"

For almost eight years since, Ford has handled day-to-day assignments for Stephens. He primarily works on investment management for the Stephens family.

He has three sons under the age of 7 and often serves as soccer or baseball coach. He and his family also own a farm in Cleburne County.