Scott Korenblat


IK Electric Co.

Little Rock

Scott Korenblat

Scott Korenblat was 30 years old in I993 when he purchased the company founded by his grandfather in 1919.

"I graduated from the University of Colorado in 1986," Korenblat, 32, says.

After graduation, Korenblat went to work for IK but the family sold the business in 1989.

Korenblat was general manager when he purchased IK.

IK quickly began to venture into fiber optics and network services markers. In the last two years, IK has tripled sales and increased its staff to more than 100.

"We made a dynamic team of people, they're versatile," says Korenblat, a graduate of Little Rock Catholic High School. "We're a design-and-build contractor firm. We do a lot of fiber-optic installation."

If you walk around downtown Little Rock, IK cables are under your feet. IK designed and wired the enormous Rank Video Services America Inc. facility that opened last spring in North Little Rock and the Southwest Airlines reservation centers in Little Rock and Oklahoma City.

Korenblat is married and has two children.