Scott Stern

Associate Professor and Vice Chairman

Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, UAMS

Little Rock

Scott Stern

Scott Stern is just 36, yet he reached a major educational milestone this month in becoming an associate professor at UAMS.

"It's sort of a big deal around here because that means you have tenure," 'he says. "They can demote you off the face of the earth but they can't fire you."'

Many more milestones apparently await Stern, who works under the world-renown Dr. James Suen.

The Dallas native has spent 17 years at UAMS either as a student or professor. In between, he had a fellowship in head and neck oncology at the M. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston in 1989-91.

Stern is actively involved in the UAMS Consortium, a liaison group between business people and UAMS. He's active in his church, and is also on the board of the Wildwood Center for the Performing Arts.

He credits his wife with keeping him organized in balancing work, civic life and parental duties with two small children.

Dealing with cancer patients has helped Stern keep his life in perspective, he says. "I've learned from them that it's real important not to get bogged down by day-to-day problems."