Tom Allen


Inacom Communications

Little Rock

Tom Allen

Tom Allen, 37, and his partner, Wayne Newsom, were working for Micro Computer Center when it was purchased by The Future Now Inc. in December 1991.

"About 30 days into the purchase we didn't care for the direction of the company,"' Allen says. "We didn't see a competitor that excited us. I called Inacom."

Within a few days, Allen was in Omaha, Neb., wrapping up a deal for a Little Rock dealership.

"We signed the contract on [President] Clinton's election day, Nov. 3, 1992," Allen says. "We were ready to do business from opening day," Allen says.

Inacom landed the Alltel Information Services account nine months after opening,

"That's one of the things we're proudest of," Allen says.

Allen spent five years working with Micro Computer Center and five years before that with The Computer Shop.

Allen, who is married and has two children, says Inacom is a corporate sponsor of Lions Club, works with the Lighthouse Project and its employees hold an annual auction to raise money for disadvantaged families.