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Watty Wills


Frank J. Wills

Little Rock

Watty Wills

Having grown up in the advertising business, Watty Wills has learned that the old saying is true: The only thing constant is change.

"I accept change as the foundation of this business," Wills, 39, says. "We try to change things - to make them better - for our clients. Change is a necessity. Things that worked three years ago don't work anymore. That's why when things start to get comfortable around here, I force changes on the company."

Wills, in fact, has significantly grown the agency founded by his father the late Frank J. Wills; going from capital billings of about $1 million in 1985 to more than $14 million in 1994.

The secret he says, is starting with creative and hard-working people, giving them state-of-the-art equipment to work with and in-stilling in them an old-fashioned effort to serve the client.

Just as important as going after - and getting - new clients is maintaining old ones. "You look at our account list and see that a lot of our clients have been growing right along with us," Wills says.