Aaron Jones

Managing Partner

Spears & Jones Attorneys, Title Service


Aaron Jones

To develop more than 2,500 residential lots before age 30, Aaron Jones had to start early — age 14, to be exact. That's when he started helping his grandfather, W.A. Jones, with his mobile home development, K Mobile Home Park in Little Rock.

He began by installing utilities and doing other hands-on work, but by the time he was in college at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Jones was drafting contracts and helping make land purchase decisions.

Upon finishing his bachelor's degree in political science and a law degree, Jones joined Don Spears, an experienced attorney, and formed Spears & Jones Attorneys/Title Service in Benton.

Meanwhile, he began buying houses, fixing them up and renting them.

"From there I moved on to 50-lot subdivisions, then 100, then 200, then 600 lots at a time," he said.

A subdivision once took him three years to develop, but it now takes him only 10 months through his A. Jones Custom Development in Benton.

Jones also is president and founder of Central Arkansas Utility Service Inc. and voluntarily serves as legal counsel for Habitat for Humanity in Saline County.