Todd Greer

Global Data Content Leader

Acxiom Corp.

Little Rock

Todd Greer

Before coming to work at Acxiom Corp., Todd Greer spent eight years rising through the ranks of the Friday Eldredge & Clark law firm, starting in 1991 as a database programmer and software developer while pursuing his law degree.

During that period, Greer found time to co-found Intellinet, one of the earliest Internet service providers in the state, which sold in 1996. And he helped launch Community Outreach Opportunities League, a law student volunteer organization that today still organizes programs like elementary student mentoring.

At the Friday firm, Greer filled a high-tech niche, covering cases involving software contracts and intellectual properties.

In 1999, he became lead counsel for what was then Acxiom’s data products division. Three years later, he took on an additional role as business development leader for Acxiom’s alliance division. Greer estimated that he has helped close more than 100 transactions worth several hundred million dollars while at Acxiom.

Greer, 39, now serves as Acxiom’s global data content leader, reporting directly to the head of the company’s information products division.

“My experience at Acxiom has been an incredible one, mainly due to the caliber of people that I have been associated with,” Greer said.