Brett Overman

Founder, Owner and CEO

All-Clean USA Inc., National Disaster Solutions Inc.


Brett Overman

Brett Overman, 31, gained his first experience in repairs by working for his father’s small maintenance business in Jonesboro. Since then, Overman has spent his life seeking to mend all things broken.

He left his father’s business to pioneer his own way in property restoration. Overman is the founder and CEO of All-Clean USA Inc. of Jonesboro, providing 24-hour recovery cleanup and reconstruction to victims of fires, floods and other disasters.

“We did marketing, promotion, production ... whatever it took to get the business started and off the ground,” he said.

The business began with a location in Jonesboro and expanded into Conway, Hot Springs, Little Rock and Springdale. “We consider ourselves the largest full-service property restoration service in the state,” Overman said.

Overman expanded his presence in property restoration to a national scale by founding National Disaster Solutions Inc. in 2003.

During his free time, he has volunteered for the American Red Cross. Overman also helped fund and oversee the All-Clean for Kids project, a gift-giving charity for children in need.

All-Clean USA aims to restore much more than property, Overman said.

“Our job is helping people restore their dreams in life.”