Johnny Tollett


Johnny Tollett CPA

Little Rock

Johnny Tollett

Johnny Tollett said going out on his own in 1998 not only fulfilled his desire to enter the tax business but was “the best decision I ever made.”

The Harding University accounting graduate had worked for Barksdale McKay and E.K. Williams before starting up his own CPA practice.

Tollett, 37, has been a frequent speaker at tax seminars for real estate investors and small-business operators. As a result, he has built one of the largest small-business tax practices in Arkansas with clients from throughout the state and the country, and it continues to expand.

“About 60 percent of my business is local and 40 percent out of state, but by next year it will probably be 50-50,” he said.

He has been finance committee chairman of Chenal Valley Church of Christ for eight years and treasurer for three years. He has worked on Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and serves on the board of the Chenal Valley Day School.

Tollett said he went into accounting because “the only two things in life that are sure are death and taxes. Every business at some level needs an accountant. Everyone has a tax situation.

“In Arkansas, if you’re able to talk to the three-piece suit as well as the man in overalls, you can be successful.”