Tammie Davis

Vice President

Regions Bank

Little Rock

Tammie Davis

Tammie Davis, 36, took the idea of family values to a new level by giving back to the community both through her job and during her free time, as the vice president of Regions and former president of the Junior League of Little Rock. "I think I was really blessed," Davis said. "I grew up in a family that taught me to give back to the community. In an organization like Regions, in a sense I feel I am giving back to our businesses. With my experience in Junior League, I feel it is a great a blend of the two." Davis, who has seven years of experience at the bank, said her job was all about balancing what is best for the customers and the company, which is why in 2003 she went back to take her CPA exams. "I wanted to be a better advocate for my customers. I wanted to read their financial documents in an educated way," Davis said. As last year's president of the Junior League, Davis helped plan seven community projects and several fundraisers. "My job as president was to motivate our volunteers," Davis said. "The Junior League has been around for about 86 years, and this year we decided to move our league from good to great."

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