Chris Thyer

Partner/State Representative

Stanley & Thyer/District 74


Chris Thyer

State Rep. Chris Thyer, partner in the law firm of Stanley & Thyer, was elected to the state Legislature in 2002 and is now chairman of the Joint Budget Committee. He's proud of having been elected to that important post, but he's also proud of several pieces of legislation he helped pass. Those include Act 87 of 2007, which, Thyer said, "changed the way we tax off-road diesel so farmers will now pay a per-gallon tax just like drivers of cars do rather than a tax that fluctuates with the price. Basically, you're saving farmers probably $15 million to $20 million a year in Arkansas." Also, in 2005, the legislature passed the "Gift of Life Act," which permitted tax deductions for organ donors, such as people donating a kidney or bone marrow. Thyer avoided joining civic groups while he was running for office because he didn't want to be accused of trying to use those associations for political advantage. For the last two years, however, Thyer, 38, has been chair of Girls State, which is, "without a doubt, the funnest thing I do every year." Thyer said he's guided by his grandfather's words: "'What's worth doing is worth doing well.' I try to do that. I certainly have my share of failure, but I try to live my life by what's worth doing is worth doing well."

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