Susan Miller



Little Rock

Susan Miller

Susan Miller, 35, lives by two philosophies: "Do the most you can to make a difference" and "When you embark on something, make sure you do it right the first time." As the youngest woman to become partner at BKD LLP in Arkansas, Miller has definitely lived up to those words. In her early teens, Miller had her professional journey planned. She said that after a visit to her uncle in South Carolina and seeing his life as a CPA, she knew what she wanted to do with her life. In the spring of 1993, she interned with BKD and has been working there for 15 years. Five years ago she became partner. "I feel very good about it," Miller said. "There was another woman before me who became partner, but she merged in [from a different branch of BKD]. I was the first woman to move my way up. I encourage others to do the same. I want more company." Since 1996, she has been a member of the Arkansas chapter of Health Financial Management Association and was the chapter president. Recently, Miller has been involved with Ronald McDonald House, where she serves on the board of directors' executive committee and finance committee. She also serves as treasurer of the organization.

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