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Wes McNulty

In certain circles, Wes McNulty is best known as a repeat winner of the Arkansas State Golf Association's Amateur Player of the Year title. McNulty is a natural athlete, and he said farming came naturally, too. "On my father's side, they primarily worked with the production side, and on my mother's side they worked with the engineering side of farming," McNulty said. Waterloo Farms has been in the family since 1955, and McNulty has been president of the company for 17 years. "It is a big responsibility," McNulty said. "I don't think people realize farming isn't like it was in the old days." Through innovation, Waterloo Farms has been able to conserve natural resources and money. "We added a lot of irrigation that helps us store rainwater, which helps us with the cost. It is a lot less money to pump surface water than groundwater. We have leveled all of our acres to save our land from erosion. All of our tractors are GPS guided," he said. McNulty, 39, serves on the Jefferson County Soil Conservation Board as well as the county's Farm Bureau and Extension Service Executive Council Board. He coaches two Little League baseball teams and serves as groundskeeper.

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