Dr. Dan Johnson

Neuropsychologist and Entrepreneur


Age: 38

Dr. Dan Johnson

While many successful professionals are happy to pursue a single career, Dr. Dan Johnson wasn’t content with just one.
Johnson is a neuropsychologist with a thriving practice in Jonesboro where he treats patients who suffer from head injuries, strokes or other types of disease or trauma. He’s also a consultant to several NFL teams and the owner of two restaurants, one of which is also a bar and music venue, and a guitar shop. Oh, and he also has a company that buys, remodels and rents out buildings in downtown Jonesboro.
“It’s always a hard question when people ask, ‘So what do you do?’” he said.
Johnson earned his Ph.D. in neuropsychology from Oklahoma State University in 2000, and completed his residency at Tulane University’s School of Medicine. He had moved around quite a bit when he was young, but spent two years in Jonesboro, where he graduated from high school.
After finishing his residency, he decided that Jonesboro would be a great place to start his practice.
He developed a patent-pending test to measure football players’ cognitive and learning abilities, and, through a friend, made contact with the Dallas Cowboys organization, one of several teams that have used the test in the NFL Combine.
His Brickhouse Grill restaurant in downtown Jonesboro serves up Cajun and New Orleans-inspired food and offers live music as well, hosting acts from all over the country. n

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