Perry Wilson


Barber Law Firm

Little Rock

Age: 37

Perry Wilson

Ernest Hemingway described courage as demonstrating “grace under pressure.” By that definition, Perry Wilson certainly has courage.
Wilson’s father, Mike Wilson, died suddenly in 2008. Perry had just been made a director at the Barber Law Firm at age 35. In the midst of what is surely one of the hardest times of one’s life, Wilson stepped up and took over several family businesses that his father had helmed.
“It was a tough time for me, but it was something that my dad had inadvertently groomed me for very well,” Wilson said.
Wilson’s great-great-grandfather, Robert E. Lee Wilson, founded the namesake city in Mississippi County and in 1885 started Lee Wilson & Co., which operated a huge farm as well as a railroad company, a cemetery operation and real estate.
In late 2010, the family sold Lee Wilson & Co., and Perry Wilson has been able to refocus on building his business and corporate law practice in Little Rock, where he has managed a great deal of complex business litigation as well as multimillion-dollar transactions.
Like his forebears, Wilson is heavily involved in higher education, serving on the boards of Arkansas State University and Lyon College.
“Education is at the core of a thriving state economy,” he said.
Wilson also serves on a regional selection committee for the University of Virginia’s Jefferson Scholars Foundation.