Myron Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

The Design Group

Little Rock

Age: 36

Myron Jackson

Myron Jackson does not believe in "one size fits all." As CEO and strategic leader of The Design Group, which describes itself as a multicultural marketing firm, his focus is on providing clients with a solution that is tailored to their experience.
"I came to the market in 2007 to fill a void," he said. "We give our clients a unique advantage."
Jackson understands that marketing strategies are necessarily different for different cultures, and, with his team at TDG, his goal is to tap into that perspective. "We live in a big, diverse world," he said. "You have to not only understand who your customer is, but you have to really understand what makes your customer who they are."
Jackson follows a "quality, not quantity" model. "It's not about how many customers you serve," he said. "It's about how many relationships you create. The days of a shotgun blast approach to marketing are gone."
His approach has drawn a lot of attention, from both clients and the community. In five years, TDG's annual billings have grown to more than $5 million. In 2009, the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Congress recognized Jackson and his company as the Little Rock Regional Minority Business of the Year.


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