Clint Lazenby

Director Wal-Mart International, Emerging Formats, Multi-Channel

ConAgra Foods


Age: 38

Clint Lazenby

After growing up in Springdale, Clint Lazenby graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in international economics. It was during his time there that he first traveled abroad, visiting the U.K. for the summer.
Now, as the director of Wal-Mart International for ConAgra foods, Lazenby travels a lot. He guesses that he spends "probably 10 days a month out of the country."
Through his trips he has developed a philosophy that applies to his everyday work. "There's a lot of value in knowing people," he said. "In international, it's really about the person. Do they trust you as a human being?"
His job is "relationship management. It's understanding who the right players are, who is crafting the vision on Wal-Mart's side of it and ensuring that ConAgra Foods is on the right side."
His focus on people has carried over into his community work; Lazenby is involved with the Walton Arts Center, and serves on the center's corporate leadership council.
He is also taking on new challenges at work. Earlier this year he was asked to take responsibility for emerging formats and e-commerce within the country.