Matt McClure

Superintendent of Schools

Cross County School District

Cherry Valley

Age: 38

Matt McClure

After a few years teaching in the Riverview School District in Searcy and the Prescott School District, Matt McClure transitioned into school administration. In 2000, McClure became a high school principal in the England School District and in 2003 was promoted to assistant superintendent of that district.
He has been superintendent of the Cross County School District since 2005.
"I think essentially I'm the overseer of everything," he said, "human resources, finances. In a small district I do the finances myself. I'm responsible for vision when it comes to curriculum."
McClure's vision is a powerful one. "We have a very strong commitment in our district in preparing students for the real world," he said. "In addition to academic content — that core essential academic background that all students have to have — we're preparing students that can also think analytically, that can problem solve, that can work together in groups to solve things and be able to communicate."
His real-world approach to education has caught the attention of his peers. McClure was named Arkansas Superintendent of the Year for 2010, an honor that he said was particularly special because his peers were the ones who voted for him.