Clay Parker


Circumference Group

Little Rock

Age: 25

Clay Parker

Clay Parker developed a career vision with a global twist while studying abroad.
He heads to Africa in January to assist the Rwandan government in creating an investment advisory firm and analyst-training program to combat poverty through private enterprise solutions.
"My passion is business, and I want to fuse that with an international mission," said Clay, who grew up in Conway and Vilonia.
Clay received his bachelor's in business administration and master's in international business administration from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. His international studies were augmented at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.
After grad school in 2008, Clay joined The Circumference Group. He co-manages a $40 million portfolio with Chad Brown at the Little Rock technology and telecommunications investment and advisory firm.
Clay serves as project coordinator for the nonprofit Bridge2Rwanda, where he recently designed a program that provided shoes to 33,000 children in Rwanda.
His charitable work for Rwanda includes helping organize fundraisers such as the UCA Barefoot Walk and the Heifer Barefoot Bash.
Clay, president of the UCA Young Alumni Association, also enjoys mentoring through outlets such as the Arkansas Student Leadership Forum and the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas.