Hazel Hernandez

Group Marketing Representative

North Little Rock Visitors Bureau

North Little Rock

Age: 25

Hazel Hernandez

Though her family has a medical background, Hazel Hernandez knew that path wasn't for her. "I'm kind of the black sheep," she said, with a laugh.
Instead, Hernandez took an interest in the hospitality industry, majoring in the field at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville.
In January 2008, Hernandez began an internship with the North Little Rock Visitors Bureau and was hired in May of the same year. As a group marketing representative, Hernandez said, her responsibilities are varied. Most recently she worked on recruiting the Mexican Restaurant Association's annual convention to North Little Rock. "That was really cool to be able to spearhead that project," she said. "It brings people to the city, but it also brought a cultural opportunity."
Bringing cultures together is something about which Hernandez feels strongly. "As different as we are, we're also alike," said Hernandez, who teaches certification in Spanish for the Arkansas Hospitality Association.
The visitors bureau is also involved with the Argenta Downtown Council, and this community involvement is something that Hernandez admires. "I think we have a great office; we have a great team. I'm very proud to be part of an organization like this."