Heather Owens


Georgia James Creative

Little Rock

Age: 27

Heather Owens

Even before graduating from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Heather Owens was on her way to a successful career. As an intern for Ritz-Carlton, whose parent company is based in Bethesda, Md., Owens discovered a love for high-end design. After finishing school with a degree in interior design, Owens worked at Poss Architecture in Aspen, Colo., before moving back to Little Rock to begin a job at Dassault Falcon Jet, where she designed the interiors of private aircraft.
In May 2010, Owens opened her own design business, Georgia James Creative, with friend Nikki Hastings. After working in big cities and for other companies, Owens said, she was ready to strike out on her own. "It's exciting to have your own business. When I worked in Aspen we had houses everywhere. It wasn't very personal. I really love the personal touch of things."
Owens also feels that being a business owner gives her a great opportunity to contribute to the Little Rock community. The designer is involved with the Peacekeepers, an organization that supports Women & Children First, and recently sponsored a benefit to raise money for a room remodel for the Centers for Youth & Families.
Owens is also working on her own fabrics and in the future hopes to have more products of her own design.