Mandy Breckenridge


Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects

Little Rock

Age: 29

Mandy Breckenridge

Mandy Breckenridge received her bachelor's degree in architecture, with an emphasis on urban design, in 2004 from the University of Arkansas. After eight months with Miller Boskus Lack Architects of Fayetteville, she moved to Little Rock, joining what was then the Wilcox Group (now Polk Stanley Wilcox) in January 2005.
She recently became licensed by the state to practice architecture in the public realm — hospitals, schools, etc. — after passing a series of demanding tests.
Breckenridge participates in the Central Arkansas Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, which is seeking to help a community in Central America by providing infrastructure for safe drinking water. "We would actually build it for them and teach them how to operate it themselves and maintain it," she said.
At Polk Stanley Wilcox, she has played a leading role in several projects, including the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences' Clinical Skills Center in Little Rock and the Centers for Youth & Families in Monticello.
Breckenridge said she wanted "to become active in community sustainability and education programs for community sustainability," working "to design places and areas where people can live and work now and anticipate how they'll live and work in the future so they don't have to tear things down."