Ray C. Dillon

President and CEO

Deltic Timber Corp.

El Dorado

Age: 58


Ray C. Dillon

Ray Dillon has headed Deltic Timber Corp. since July 1, 2003. Deltic, based in El Dorado, owns about 530,200 acres of timberland, operates two sawmills and a medium-density fiberboard plant and is involved in real estate development. Deltic’s net sales in 2013 totaled $199.7 million, and it reported record income in 2013 of $26.2 million. From 2000-03, Dillon was an EVP at Gaylord Container Corp. of Chicago. Dillon received a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University in 1977 and earned an MBA from the University of Chicago in 2000.