War Memorial will get 1 Hogs game per year through 2018. Is this a good deal for Little Rock?

  • Yes. It puts games in Little Rock for a longer period, and that one game could feature a more competitive opponent.
  • No. This is the beginning of the end of games in Little Rock.
  • Maybe. It depends on the opponents scheduled to play in Little Rock and whether fans continue to buy tickets.

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Does UA Athletic Director Jeff Long deserve a raise?

  • Yes. Long has been an outstanding leader for the program and UA has to keep him.
  • No. It's impossible to justify that kind of spending on athletics.

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Are you satisfied with Congress' debt ceiling, budget deal?

  • Yes. It's time to get people back to work, and the impasse was going on too long for little to no gain.
  • No. Republicans should have pressed for a better deal than what they got.
  • It doesn't matter. We'll be fighting this same fight again next year.

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Did the Federal Reserve make the right call to continue stimulus?

  • Yes. Economic headwinds remain. It's still too soon to wind down bond-buying activities.
  • No. It's time to wind down stimulus and let the economy stand on its own.

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Will the Federal Reserve begin cutting back on stimulus this month?

  • Yes. The economy is strong enough now to begin slowing stimulus efforts.
  • No. The economy isn't strong enough and employment hasn't improved enough.

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