May Tax Collections; Runoffs in #AR1, #AR4; Ethics on the Ballot; and Whither Winconsin? on 'Arkansas Week'

KUAR-FM radio's Michael Hibblen, Arkansas Times' Max Brantley and I join Steve Barnes for tonight's edition of AETN's "Arkansas Week."

On the docket tonight is the state's financial health and that small, but useful, budget surplus we seem destined to have; those like-watching-paint-dry Democratic runoffs in #AR1 and #AR4; everyone's brave, but not entirely enthusiastic, stands on an ethics proposal; and what, if anything, Wisconsin's recall election means to Arkansas or presidential campaign.

It's a half-hour of crack business and political analysis that starts at 8 p.m. And if you can't wait that long -- and really, who can? -- you can dial it up right now on AETN's "Arkansas Week" homepage right here. Fire up the video player. It's a slow Friday, and you deserve it.

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