'Hey,' Businessweek Examines Those Obama Campaign Fundraising E-mails

Hey, it's your pal Obama! How's it going? How 'bout a donation? If not, that's cool too.

Bloomberg Businessweek examines those strangely subject-lined Obama campaign fundraising e-mails, and finds how much one hauled in.

If you were on the mailing list*, you certainly remember them. One particularly noteworthy -- and Drudged -- e-mail came with the subject line, "I will be outspent."

It raised $2.6 million.

Other subject lines included, "Join me for dinner?", "It’s officially over," "It doesn’t have to be this way," and even "Hey," which campaign e-mail director Toby Fallsgraff tells the magazine was probably the best one of the series.

Go figure.

Inside the science of fundraising and e-mail subject lines, right here.

*It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I'm was on the list because I'm a journalist who signed up for everything I could get from all the presidential campaigns. And I'm a glutton for punishment. But I did not, and do not, give money to any political campaign ever.

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