Arkansas Drops in United Health Foundation's 2012 Ranking

Arkansas fell to No. 48 in overall health in 2012, according to the United Health Foundation's 2012 America's Health Rankings.

Vermont was the healthiest state in the country once again, a title it's held for the past six years. Mississippi and Louisiana were tied for least healthiest state.

Last year, Arkansas came in 47th place.

The health study found Arkansans had a high rate of smoking, children in poverty and obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

On the positive side, Arkansans' had a low occurrence of binge drinking, moderate per capita public health funding and moderate immunization coverage.

To see Arkansas' summary, click here.

America's Health Rankings is an annual assessment of the nation's health on a state-by state basis. It is published by United Health Foundation, American Public Health Association and Partnership for Prevention.

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