National Journal: Here Are the White House's Fiscal Cliff Talking Points for Business

The National Journal has published what it says are the White House's talking points for business leaders in support of President Barack Obama's fiscal cliff budget plan.

You can see the full document here.

Among the major selling points: That the plan provides the business community with "certainty and stability" and removes the threat of economic default. There's also tax cuts for business:

Makes the Research & Development tax credit and all other business tax extenders permanent. For decades, Congress has passed extenders for short periods of time, often retroactively, increasing uncertainty and reducing the benefits of the incentives. Making all of them permanent would improve stability in the tax code and the efficacy of the incentives. Making extenders permanent would set the stage for meaningful, revenue neutral corporate tax reform.

The document also claims that the plan puts in place a pathway to tax code reform, entitlement reform and new jobs.

The President talked "fiscal cliff" today at a news conference called to announce his plan to propose new gun control legislation in the wake of the Sandy Hook killings. Republican House Speaker John Boehner also addressed the "fiscal cliff" in his own (brief) news conference, in which he urged Obama to "get serious soon." 

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