Hot Dog Mike Is Coming Back to Little Rock

Hot Dog Mike feeds the crowd at First Thursday in Hillcrest.

Hot Dog Mike, having apparently settled the family matters that prompted his departure from Little Rock, is coming back to Arkansas. He's got big plans:

Having attended to and happily resolved family matters in New Jersey, Michael Juiliano – aka Hot Dog Mike – has returned to Little Rock, Arkansas, to develop a multi-cart operation that is dedicated to providing both an opportunity and a working wage for those that have the “Hot Dog Mike spirit” through a new organization he envisions as being community-centric.

“This new company will, at its core, be what Hot Dog Mike has always been about: the community,” said Juiliano. “Whether it is fund raisers, helping the homeless, or simply cleaning a stretch of highway, the Hot Dog Mike organization will be there.”

Juiliano, whose media savvy has landed him on every local television news affiliate multiple times, is also planning his own brand of hot dogs and products that will be available at local grocers.

Much more here. Meanwhile, Mike insists the whole "I'm leaving Little Rock -- now I'm back!" thing isn't a publicity stunt, and promises more details to come:

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