The New York Times Looks at Jason Rapert's Abortion Legislation

In case you missed it, here's The New York Times taking a look on Monday at state Sen. Jason Rapert's abortion legislation, which the Arkansas Legislature approved six days ago. As has been reported, Planned Parenthood funding is next on his list.

Per the Times: 

The Arkansas law was designed by State Senator Jason Rapert, a Republican, who says he has no time for those who say it will prove legally futile, noting that the word abortion does not appear in the Constitution.

“Arkansas has made a significant statement,” Mr. Rapert, 40, a born-again Christian, said in an interview, adding that he had received scores of messages of support from activists and legislators around the country. “Hopefully we can awaken the nation.”

More here, as the paper recaps Rapert's rise, redisctricting efforts in Arkansas and more.

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