Baltimore TV Critic Shares 5 Things to Know About Sinclair Broadcast Group

Yesterday, we noted how some folks are unhappy about Sinclair Broadcast Group's purchase of Allbritton television stations, which includes KATV-TV, Channel 7.

Veteran Baltimore TV critic David Zurawik has more food for thought about Sinclair, having spent years watching the company operate. Yes, the company has a conservative bent, Zurawik writes. And yes, some of things they do are "hinky." But hey, the journalism can be pretty good:

WBFF (Fox 45), the Sinclair-owned station in Baltimore, consistently delivers some of the best investigative, enterprise and government watchdog journalism in Baltimore and Maryland.

(You can read one of my pieces here about the way one of its investigative teams righteously dogged Baltimore's City Hall last year over contracts for IT services and consulting).

That's something you won't hear about from advocacy bloggers and talking heads on the left. They offer a simple-minded, black-and-white critique of Sinclair as a right-wing ideology machine.

But, as a journalist who prides himself on being down the middle, I am here to tell you that the news operation does some very good work.

So there's that.

Also: Sinclair knows how to make money. Zurawik says it's because the company has some of the smartest managers in the business. Access and power in several U.S. battleground states doesn't hurt either, another point Zurawik brings up. Lots of those last-minute political spending buys will funnel right into Sinclair coffers.

You can read Zurawik's complete column right here at the Baltimore Sun.

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