So What About Those Wal-Mart Protests Yesterday?

As we noted earlier this week, union-backed labor group OUR Wal-Mart is back at it, this time leading a 15-city protest against employment practices of the world's largest retailer and resulting in at least 24 arrests. Above is Washington Post video of a protest in Maryland that drew about 70 people.

The most prominent protest occurred in New York City, where activists attempted to deliver a petition to a Wal-Mart board member. From The Associated Press:

Three people participating in a New York City protest against Wal-Mart have been taken into police custody.

About 20 employees, former employees and supporters gathered Thursday outside a Manhattan building where a member of the company's board of directors has an office. They delivered a petition calling for improved working conditions and reinstatement of workers they say were fired for engaging in labor activities.

Police say one man and two women were charged with disorderly conduct for blocking the entrance to the building and trespassing.

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post says another 21 people were arrested at a protest in Los Angeles:

Also on Thursday, 21 protesters were arrested in Los Angeles during a similar demonstration downtown, Allison Mannos, a participant in the protests and a member of the advocacy organization Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, said in an interview with The Huffington Post. Among the arrested protesters were nine current Walmart employees, she added. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the arrests to CNNMoney.

Despite several of the arrested protesters in demonstrations across the country being current or former Walmart employees, Walmart spokesperson Kory Lundberg said in an email to HuffPost that these demonstrations are "just a show."

"[W]ith very few exceptions, the cast members don’t work for Walmart nor are they affiliated with the company in any way," he added.

You can see photos and video from various protest sites at HuffPo here and on a site set up by activists at

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