Obamacare Foes Take to John Boozman's Facebook Page

John Boozman's having a heck of week. First, there was that Politico story detailing his taking Ted Cruz to the woodshed in a closed door meeting of Republicans.

Now, his Friday vote for cloture on a House bill that defunds Obamacare is drawing criticism from the Tea Party and others who oppose the new health law, at least on the Facebook post embedded above, where people unhappy with the Arkansas Republican Senator's vote vastly outnumber those who support it.

Tough thing to be what many consider a "moderate" Republican these days. Especially when, as Atlantic columnist James Fallows noted Friday, the big fight of the day isn't between Democrats and Republicans, but Republicans and Republicans, and "the fight is over whether compromise itself is legitimate." 

You can see Boozman's full statement on Friday's votes here.

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