Video: Cathy Frye, Rick McFarland Talk to CBS 'Early Show'

Above, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporter Cathy Frye and photographer Rick McFarland talk about their harrowing days lost in Big Bend Ranch state park in Texas, which the Democrat-Gazette has reported on extensively over the last two days. You can also read the Associated Press account here.

In the above video, which aired on the CBS "Early Show" today, Frye talks from a hospital bed, and her husband McFarland describes the moment when he left his wife to find help:

"I knew one of us has to go, because if we stay there we're gonna die, there was just no way around it," said McFarland." "We said our 'I love you's' to each other and she wanted me to tell the kids to make sure to let them know she tried."

The full story here.

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