Wal-Mart Recalls Tainted Donkey Meat in China

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of Bentonville is recalling donkey meat sold in China after tests showed the product contained the DNA of other animals, including fox, Reuters reports.

The world's largest retailer says it will reimburse customers who bought the tainted "Five Spice" donkey meat and is helping investigate its supplier. Analysts say the scandal could hurt Wal-Mart's reputation in China:

"This is another hit on Wal-Mart's brand, meaning wealthy shoppers will start to lose the trust they had before," said Shaun Rein, Shanghai-based managing director of China Market Research Group. CMR estimates Wal-Mart's market share fell from 7.5 percent to 5.2 percent over the last three years.

We should note that donkey meat is popular in some parts of China. Wal-Mart is investigating the incident and has apologized.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the story so far is the lack of Ylvis headline jokes. But this from the Express Tribune was chuckle-worthy.

Update: Wal-Mart now says it's considering taking legal action against "responsible parties" after testing showed traces of fox in the donkey meat sold in China.

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