NYIT Votes to Put Osteopathic School in Jonesboro

The New York Institute of Technology on Friday approved a resolution to establish a second site of its College of Osteopathic Medicine at Arkansas State University's campus in Jonesboro.

The NYIT announcement is available here.

Tim Hudson, chancellor at ASU in Jonesboro, issued a statement saying the university was pleased by the NYIT's vote:

We’re excited that the NYIT board authorized our joint plans for an osteopathic medical school at Arkansas State.  We have enormous respect for Dr. Guiliano, Dr. Ross-Lee and the rest of the NYIT leadership for their success in developing one of the largest and best D.O. schools in the country. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to help us educate physicians and meet the growing primary care needs of northeast Arkansas and the Delta.

ASU's board already approved a resolution to partner with NYIT. As we reported at the time, the two will now take steps with state agencies and the national accrediting board to seek approval for the medical school. ASU is hoping to begin enrollment at the school in August 2016.

And of course, ASU isn't the only entity pursuing an osteopathic school in Arkansas. The Fort Smith Regional Healthcare Foundation Board of Trustees has also voted to move ahead with plans for its own osteopathic medical school at the Chaffee Crossing development. The board recently approved more than $58 million to the project, and voted to create positions of college CEO and dean.

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