Donnie Ferneau's 'Good Food' Moving to Argenta

Donnie Ferneau's new catering and takeout venture, Good Food by Ferneau, will soon have a home in North Little Rock's downtown at the old Argenta Market, according to our sister publication Little Rock Soirée.

Our sister publication Little Rock Soirée is reporting that the newest venture of Little Rock chef Donnie Ferneau will soon have a home in North Little Rock's downtown.

Soirée reports Good Food by Ferneau, a catering and takeout business, is moving into the old Argenta Market on Main Street, which closed Feb. 8 after nearly four years and a switch in ownership. The announcement was made Monday morning on the business's Facebook page.

Dates for the move-in date were not provided.

Ferneau's new gig, currently open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday at the Pulaski Presbyterian Church in Hillcrest, is meant to provide healthy meals for those on-the-go. The daily menu, which changes about every other day, offers a entree choices for lunch and dinner, in addition to a few salad and snack options.

Ferneau told Little Rock Soirée earlier this month that he has future plans to ship his meals across the country and have dispensaries in central Arkansas.

"One of the main reasons people fall off in eating healthy is because of time," Ferneau told Soirée. "It has to be available to them. If we're in say, North Little Rock, and the customer lives in west Little Rock, there are a lot of shiny signs in between there and here that are going to attract them."

For more on Good Food by Ferneau, check out Soirée's report here.

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