Video: Both Sides Claim Harassment in Wet-Dry Signature Drive

Arkansas Business' Lee Hogan writes this week about all the money behind groups on both sides of the wet-dry initiatives in Arkansas. He also posted word late yesterday about an ethics complaint filed by David Couch, the Little Rock attorney who's leading an effort to put a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would legalize alcohol sales in all Arkansas counties.

Couch's complaint alleges that a local-option ballot question committee called They Win, You Lose, which opposes Couch's efforts, had hired "blockers" to block petitioners from gathering the signatures they need to get the proposed amendment on the ballot.

They Win, You Lose is also part of another bit of back-and-forth over the wet-dry question in Faulkner County. In the video above, our news partners at THV 11 report on accusations of harassment between people involved in They Win, You Lose and the group Our Community, Our Dollars, which is also trying to get a vote on whether to make the county wet.

From THV 11's report:

"Unfortunately we've had some opposition that has really tried to harass the people who have tried and sign the petition and that's disappointing," [Natalie Ghidotti, an Our Community, Our Dollars spokeswoman, said].

On the other side of the fence there is the group They Win You Lose, which is protesting the petitions.

"Tough cookies. I'd say that's a pretty good description of them," said group spokeswoman Mary Dillard.

Feelings are running high over the wet-dry question, particularly Faulkner County. Meanwhile, the groups that want to put it for a vote have until July 7 to collect the signatures they need.

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