Commission Asks State Supreme Court to Suspend Judge

The Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission on Friday asked the Arkansas Supreme Court to temporarily suspend Saline County Circuit Judge Bobby McCallister.

McCallister, 51, was charged Tuesday in Saline County Circuit Court with four felony counts related to tax evasion.

The JDDC found by a unanimous vote on Friday that “the pending charges against McCallister adversely affect the judge’s ability to perform his judicial duties,” JDDC Executive Director David Sachar said in the petition to the state’s high court.

Sachar asked the Supreme Court to quickly consider the JDDC’s recommendation that McCallister be temporarily suspended, with pay, pending the outcome of the disciplinary charges McCallister faces.

On Tuesday, the JDDC charged that McCallister is subject to sanctions "for conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, for willful violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct and that this conduct is cause for formal discipline."

McCallister is represented by criminal defense attorney Patrick Benca of Little Rock. A receptionist at his office said Friday that Benca would have no comment.