Joe Johnson Is Still Riding 'Up High in His Super Truck'

Joe Johnson continues to ride in style. His own very, um, unique style.

Perhaps you remember a 2008 post on this site with photos and details of Joe Johnson’s super truck, complete with ”front and rear cameras, three flatscreen televisions, a train horn and a seat that folds out into a bed ..."

Well, Johnson hasn’t scaled back his vehicle choice. We’re not sure if it’s the same truck with a new paint job or a new rig, but it’s a sight to behold, either way.

Johnson’s truck was parked outside Bud Walton Arena on Tuesday. He was visiting with participants at Mike Anderson’s basketball camp.

During a Q&A session Johnson was asked by a kid attending camp: “How much did you pay for your car?” Johnson, of course, declined to answer. Johnson was later asked by an incoming basketball player why he "makes more than Kobe [Bryant]."

Wonder if Johnson, who signed one of the richest contracts in NBA history last summer, even worries about how much gas it takes to fill that thing up. Doubt it.

Johnson, a Little Rock native, has come a long way from his college days. Former teammate Jannero Pargo provided some insight when a camper asked if Johnson owned any video games:

“I remember he’d take out a loan to get a PlayStation 3”, Pargo said.

And, yes, Johnson’s truck is believed to be outfitted for playing video games.