Arkansas Business' 25th List of the State's Largest Private Companies

For the 25th consecutive year, Arkansas Business presents a list of the state's largest privately owned companies.

In the early years, the list only sought to find the 50 largest. In 1996, it was expanded to 75 companies. It seeks to be comprehensive and authoritative, but the very privacy of private companies assures that it has never been either. There are undoubtedly companies that belong on this list that are flying beneath the radar, and others have long declined to share even their top-line revenue figures, which is the number used to rank the list.

More than 120 companies were surveyed for this year's list. Of the 75 that made the final cut, 63 volunteered revenue data. The rest are estimates, often from other companies and publications that undertake similar research projects.

If you know of a company that should be on the list - or comes close and should be surveyed for future lists - please contact Editor Gwen Moritz at (501) 372-1443 or