Jeff Long Says Razorbacks 'Not Abandoning' Tradition, But Uniform Changes Coming

Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long has hinted for months that a change could be coming to the Razorbacks' football uniform.

Long’s messages on Twitter have generated some speculation among fans, and photos that appear to have been leaked from inside the Arkansas football facility have ramped the conversation up in recent weeks. Included among the photos distributed is a charcoal grey/black uniform.

TJ Carpenter asked Long about the photos on Thursday afternoon in an interview on Hog Sports Radio. Here’s what Long had to say to Carpenter:

“None of those are official photographs. Where those things come from sometimes you have to wonder. ...

“We’ll be coming out in the not too distant future with a release on how our uniforms will look for the coming year and we’re excited to introduce that to our fans base. Like anything involving intercollegiate athletics and change there will be opinion on both sides. There’s no doubt about that.

"I think our fans will see that ultimately when the real uniforms are revealed, we paid respects to our tradition. We embraced our cardinal and white and that will be the staple for our program going forward.

“We have looked for some ways to introduce some design style and something that the young, uh, student athletes are looking for, so I think you’ll see that in our uniforms as well. We have not abandoned our traditions, we have not abandoned our colors of red and white.”

Yes, Long said the Razorbacks will stick with tradition, but there are some other things in that quote that are worth noting.

Nowhere in there does Long deny the possibility of an alternate jersey. He doesn’t say they’re coming, but he sure didn’t deny their existence.  Long merely notes “change” is happening and it could cause some varying opinions.