Arkansas Business Publishing Group Has Key Presence on Twitter

It's no secret that media outlets compete for readership; the more eyeballs on your product, the better.

In today's digital world though, subscription numbers are hardly the only measure of what product is reaching the most people. One way to beat the competition? Out-tweet them.

Arkansas Business has long been devoted to providing its Twitter followers with updated news information - tweeting under the handle @ArkBusiness - in 140 characters or less. And, it seems, its efforts haven't gone unnoticed.

Outtakes has spent some time with the numbers, and compared with other prominent media outlets, Arkansas Business tweets are clearly reaching the most people, with 8,179 followers last week. (Other AB staffers have their own followers: Publisher @Jeff Hankins, 1,124; @LT, the Twitter identity of Interactive Editor Lance Turner, 2,125; and Editor @GwenMoritz, 536.)

@ArkansasOnline, the online presence of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, has 4,409 followers. Arkansas Times Editor Max Brantley, meanwhile, who tweets as @ArkansasBlog, had 3,387 followers last week. Stephens Media Group's @ArkansasNews had 2,911 followers.

We're no Twitter expert, but one secret to Arkansas Business' Twitter success might be participation. ArkBusiness, in addition to keeping its own followers updated, also keeps up with more Twitter accounts than its competitors. ArkBusiness follows 485 other Twitter accounts, while ArkansasOnline follows a mere five. ArkansasBlog follows 140.

Arkansas Business' sister publications and websites hold their own on Twitter as well. @ArkansasBride had 321 followers, while @LRSoiree had 864. Sports publication had 4,174 followers (plus 2,093 following sportswriter Chris Bahn at @CBahn and 911 following Jim Harris at @JimHarris360). Karen Martin, editor of, had 665 followers for her @InArkansasBlog Twitter account.